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      JG Pest Control provides urban fox pest control treatment for all of Cornwall including areas such as Harrow & Kingston in the west, Romford & Ilford in the east, Croydon & Bromley in the south and in the north Barnet & Watford and Redbridge. Our control service also extends to areas of the Home Counties including Surrey, Slough, Reading and North Sussex.

      Some Facts About Fox Pest Control

      Foxes can cause problems for people. Their habit of marking territories is met with distaste by some human neighbours.

      These animals are now a regular occurrence in most cities and towns in the UK and for people who keep small pets such as rabbits or poultry they can be a real concern.

      As humans expand their living areas into the countryside, so foxes expands their territory into cities and towns. They know that humans are a good source of food, and because they are natural scavengers, have taken the opportunity to live closer to us.

      For this reason it is not advisable to put out food for them to eat, though some people still do. In our towns and cities, discarded fish suppers and inadequate rubbish disposal provide them with more than enough to eat. This is not a creature in danger of starvation.

      How do I get rid of Foxes?

      • JG Fox Pest Control will help you by employing deterrents, humane traps or proofing
      • We will stop them gaining access to your property.
      • Speak to an experienced control specialist to help solve your fox problems fast.

      For leading fox control services in Cornwall, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01637 800572

      Foxes around other animals
      • They are known to be a pest around ducks and chickens
      • Take care to ensure poultry is properly secured at night
      • Take care of small pets such as rabbits left in hutches in the garden.
      • Ensure the animal enclosures are completely fox proof.
      How to Deal with a Fox Problem

      Feeding these animals may cause them to venture closer to human habitations and enter properties through cat-flaps or open garden doors. However, it is recognised that they are naturally timid creatures and try to avoid both adults and children.

      Foxes may carry toxocara canis, which is a parasitic roundworm that can be passed to humans, but this is a rare occurrence and all previous infections have been transmitted by dogs.

      It infects only 2 in 1 million people. Similarly, there is no evidence of rabies in the fox population of the British Isles.

      If you have noticed holes appearing in your flower beds or lawns, then foxes may be accountable. They like to forage for worms and insect larvae, but they also like to dig dens in which to raise their litter.


      Signs of Fox in your Garden?
      Call 01637 800572

      How do I get rid of Foxes?

      If they are being a genuine nuisance in your garden, then you have several options at your disposal. JG Fox Pest Control will help you by employing deterrents, humane traps or proofing, to stop them gaining access to your property.

      If you would like to speak to an experienced control specialist, then call now and JG Pest Control will solve your fox problems fast.

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